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January Bible Reading Plans

Happy January and the start of a brand new year! It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to use your New Year’s resolution to better ourselves in the new year.

But these resolutions (or goals) should also include things to help you grow closer to God and spend more time in the Word.

And the best way to start working towards that goal is with a January Bible Reading Plan!

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Bible Reading Plans for January

What is a good topic to focus on during the month of January? The truth is that there are so many things you could focus on. Some people actually just open up to the book of Genesis and start reading so they can work through the entire Bible by the end of the year.

Personally, I get more out of my time in the Word when I can focus on a specific topic or area of my life.

Some of the more common Bible study plan topics for January might include things like new beginnings or setting and achieving goals.

Below is a really great New Beginnings Bible reading plan that also includes additional study supplements such as a monthly prayer, reflection worksheets, and more!

Or maybe you want to kick off the new year by taking a biblical approach to setting and achieving your goals for this year! If so, then here is the perfect reading plan for January!

But new beginnings and goals aren’t the only things you can read about in the Bible in January! Here are just a few other Scripture reading plans focusing on different topics. Most of these also include additional worksheets to help you make the most of your study time so you can truly understand it, embrace it, and apply it to your life.

Scripture Writing Plans for January

Some people like to step up their Bible study time by actually writing out each scripture. If so, here are just a few Scripture Writing Plans for January that you might want to check out!

If you really want to accomplish your Bible study goals for the year, I highly recommend finding a really great reading plan that takes you through the entire Bible.

The best ones don’t just give you a list of Scripture to read each day. The ones listed below include study worksheets, coloring pages, and other helpful resources to help you get the most of the time you are spending in the Word.

18 Month Bible Reading Plan

Bible Verses for You has a really amazing 18-month Bible reading plan filled with additional study pages and resources.

12 Month Bible Reading Plan Bundle

Ladies Drawing Nigh has this really great Walking With God Bible Study Bundle that has monthly topical study themes and more.

January is the beginning of a brand new year. We get to start fresh and set out to do better this year than we did the year before. In order to do that, you must have a good, solid plan for whatever goals you are hoping to accomplish in the new year.

Improving your walk with God and spending more time reading the Bible should definitely be a part of that plan! Kick-off this month on the right foot with one of the wonderful January Bible reading plans!

Looking for additional topical reading plans? Be sure to check out our library for the entire year!

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