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Rebekah Bible Study Lesson

Are you read to dive into a short but Rebekah Bible study lesson?

Who was Rebekah and why was she so important in the Bible?

In the tapestry of Scripture, Rebekah’s story stands out as a vibrant thread, weaving lessons of faith, obedience, and the sovereignty of God into the fabric of our spiritual lives.

Rebekah, chosen by God to be Isaac’s wife, embarked on a journey of faith when she left her family, trusting in the Lord’s plan for her life.

This act alone sets a profound example for us today: the courage to step into God’s calling, even when it leads into the unknown.

The Story of Rebekah in the Bible Summary

Rebekah’s journey, as told in Genesis, is a beautiful testament to faith, kindness, and the intricacies of relationships within a family. Her story starts in Genesis 24 with Abraham’s quest to find a wife for his son Isaac from among his relatives.

Rebekah stands out for her extraordinary hospitality, offering water to Abraham’s servant and his camels, thereby revealing herself as the chosen one by God for Isaac.

Choosing to leave everything she knew behind, Rebekah embarks on a remarkable journey of faith to marry Isaac. Their life together is filled with both blessings and challenges.

They face the pain of infertility, a struggle that many in the Bible experienced, which is eventually overcome by Isaac’s fervent prayers, leading to the birth of their twins, Esau and Jacob.

Rebekah’s preference for Jacob over Esau would later play a crucial role in one of the Bible’s most notable stories of deception.

In Genesis 27, Rebekah’s influence is crucial in guiding Jacob to deceitfully gain Isaac’s blessing, which was originally intended for Esau.

This action showcases Rebekah’s complex nature, combining her deep faith in God’s words—that the older will serve the younger—with a readiness to shape events to align with what she believes is God’s intended outcome.

The consequences of this deception cast long shadows over Rebekah’s later years, leading to Esau’s animosity towards Jacob and Jacob’s eventual flight to Haran.

Despite the Bible not detailing the end of Rebekah’s life, her impact is enduring, seen through Jacob and his descendants who form the twelve tribes of Israel.

Rebekah’s life story intertwines faith, the working of God in our lives, and the deep, sometimes complicated bonds of family.

It teaches us invaluable lessons about the efficacy of prayer, the repercussions of our choices, and the mysterious yet perfect unfolding of God’s plans through our lives.

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Bible Study – Rebekah

The story of Rebekah is primarily found in the Book of Genesis in Chapters 24-27.

Introduction and Marriage to Isaac:

  • Genesis 24: Rebekah is chosen as a wife for Isaac. Her encounter with Abraham’s servant at the well (verses 15-20), her family’s agreement to the marriage (verses 50-60), and her departure to meet Isaac (verses 61-67).

Rebekah’s Barrenness and Prayer for Children:

  • Genesis 25:21: Isaac prays to the Lord on behalf of Rebekah because she is barren, and the Lord grants his prayer.

Birth of Esau and Jacob:

  • Genesis 25:21-26: Rebekah conceives twins. The Lord tells her two nations are in her womb, and the elder will serve the younger.

Favoritism Towards Jacob:

  • Genesis 25:28: Rebekah’s preference for Jacob is mentioned, contrasted with Isaac’s favoritism towards Esau.

Involvement in Jacob’s Deception:

  • Genesis 27:5-17: Rebekah overhears Isaac’s plan to bless Esau and devises a plan for Jacob to receive the blessing instead. She instructs Jacob and prepares the deception.

Jacob’s Flight to Haran:

  • Genesis 27:42-46: Rebekah learns of Esau’s anger towards Jacob and advises Jacob to flee to her brother Laban in Haran. She also convinces Isaac to send Jacob away under the pretext of finding a wife.

Impact on Rebekah’s Life:

  • Genesis 27:46 – 28:5: Rebekah’s concern about Esau’s Hittite wives and the sending away of Jacob to find a wife from her own family.
Rebekah Bible Study Lesson

Rebekah Bible Study and Reflection Questions

Here are some insightful study questions to help you better understand the story of Esther and her journey of faith.

  1. What are the circumstances surrounding Rebekah’s introduction in Genesis 24, and how does she demonstrate hospitality and kindness?
  2. How does Rebekah’s response to the servant’s request for water reflect her character?
  3. Discuss the role of divine providence in Rebekah’s selection as Isaac’s wife. What signs or confirmations are given?
  4. Rebekah played a crucial role in the fulfillment of God’s promises but also made questionable choices. How does her story help you navigate the tension between faith in God’s plan and human action?
  5. Reflect on Rebekah’s story as a whole. How does it challenge or encourage you in your personal journey of faith, especially in the face of difficult decisions?
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Download (free) the list of Bible passages and the study/reflection questions so you can keep them handy during your Bible Study time.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into her story, be sure to checkout my full Rebekah Bible Study Journal and Workbook!

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