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What to Pray – Printable Monthly Prayer Calendars

Let’s talk about prayer calendars for a minute!

Have you been feeling a little lost in your prayer life lately? Do you have trouble figuring out what to pray about each day throughout the month?

Or maybe you want to start being more intentional and consistent with your prayers but are not sure where to start.

Prayer calendars are the perfect answer! Instead of wondering what to pray about or who to pray for each day, these calendars provide you with very specific people to pray for or things to pray about.

And by the end of the month, you will have prayed for things and people way beyond your own family and friends.

With each month’s prayer calendar, you will be able to see what your prayer time has consisted of and depending on how you use them maybe even a specific way that God has answered your daily prayers! 

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What is a Prayer Calendar

A prayer calendar is a tool to make sure you have everyone and everything covered in your prayers each month.

You can use prayer calendars to cover any type of person or event that you want to keep in your thoughts, and they are a great way to stay on top of your prayers.

It is a tool designed to help individuals organize and enhance their prayer life by incorporating a structured approach to daily communication with God.

There are even reusable prayer calendars that we will discuss that offer a framework for cultivating a consistent and intentional prayer routine throughout the year.

These calendars typically provide creative ideas and different ways to engage in prayer, ensuring that you have a daily prayer plan!

Prayer calendars often include verses from God’s word, encouraging which will encourage you to reflect on and incorporate scripture into your prayers.

By following a prayer calendar, you can allocate quality time for spiritual reflection, making it a priority in your busy schedule.

Every day there will be an entry for the date with instructions about what to cover in your prayers for that day. For example, Mondays might be the day to pray over your spouse.

But on Tuesday, you should make sure to pray for your co-workers.

Some prayer calendars include a guiding verse for each day’s prayer. Others simply list a person or thing to pray over.

How Do You Make a Prayer Calendar

Making a prayer calendar is easy. You can download a blank monthly calendar template from the Internet and simply fill it in with a different focus for each day of the month.

You will find free printable prayer calendars below with links for an easy way to start incorporating daily prayers into your life! 

You can also draw them out on a page in your prayer journal. Here are some free printable prayer prompts to use in your journal! 

You can also download for free the 365 Days of Prayer prompts shown below:

Prayer Calendar mockup
Free Download

Prayer Calendar Templates

Save some time with these free printable prayer calendar templates. Simply print them out and add your own prayer-focused topics or people to them each month!

This would be a great practice to start at the New Year, which would help you get into a consistent prayer routine at the start of the year instead of in the middle or end!

You could also set a specific goal for yourself like 10 days of praying or 30 days of praying consistently. There are so many ways to use these templates! 

Prayer Calender Template
Prayer Calendar Template 1

Printable Monthly Prayer Calendars

I prefer to find done-for-you prayer calendar templates that already have the prayer focus written onto them.

Doing it this way ensures you don’t miss anyone and can also give you some additional prayer ideas that you may not have thought of.

Many of the printable prayer calendars also have verses to meditate on each day that relate to the person or thing you are praying over.

You can download this free monthly prayer calendar pdf (courtesy of Kingdom Bloggers).

As I mentioned before, there are many different styles of prayer calendars so you need to find the one that best fits your needs.

Here are few places that have some different ones that you can check out:

Need some examples of prayers for very little ones? Check out these toddler prayers or these easy night prayers for kids. 

Looking for something to use for 365 days out of the year?

Prayer Calendar

Much like a to-do list, a prayer calendar helps individuals stay organized and committed to their spiritual growth by providing a systematic approach to prayer.

By incorporating these calendars into daily life, individuals can establish a dedicated quiet time, fostering a deeper connection with their faith throughout the entire year.

A prayer calendar is a great way to ensure that you are praying for everyone and not forgetting anyone throughout the month and the year.

It’s also a good reminder of the intentions we’ve set so that they don’t fall through the cracks or get lost in our busy schedules. What better time than now to start using one? 

Prayer Calendar Templates for Your Prayer Journal

Be sure to also checkout these additional prayer resources:

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