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Bible Bingo Game Fun

Are you struggling to get your kids to enjoy learning about the Bible? Have you heard of Bible Bingo?

Bible Bingo is a fun and engaging way to learn the Bible. It can be used as a group activity during Sunday school as well as at home with the family.

Incorporating Bible Bingo into your faith journey will help keep it fresh and interesting while teaching important life lessons from God’s Word.

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What is Bible Bingo

Bible bingo is a creative spin on the traditional Bingo game. Instead of the traditional letters/numbers being called out, the cards are created with Biblical concepts such as Bible characters, Bible verses, and other similar things.

Aside from simply having fun, the goal of Bible bingo is to offer a fun and creative way to learn Scripture.

How Do You Play Bible Bingo

Bible Bingo is played in pretty much the same way as you would regular Bingo.

Supplies Needed:

  • Bible Bingo Cards for each player (each card should have a different layout)
  • Master Bingo Card for the game leader
  • Bible Bingo pieces (These are individual cutouts of the Bingo playing elements that will be pulled from the jar.)
  • Something to mark the spaces. (coins, pencil, etc)

How to Play Bible Bingo:

  1. Hand out a playing card to each participant.
  2. Place all the Bingo pieces in a jar or bowl and mix them up well.
  3. Draw a Bingo piece and call it out.
  4. Players will look at their playing card and if they have it on their card, they will mark it with a coin (or whatever marking device they are using.
  5. Continue drawing and calling pieces until someone calls Bingo! This happens when one participant fills in an entire line (across, vertical, or diagonal).
  6. Verify the winner’s card again the master card to ensure it is accurate.
  7. Award a prize
  8. Play again!

Just like with regular Bingo, there are some special variances that you can add (if you want) to make the game a bit more challenging. This is simply to adjust how the winner actually gets a “bingo” win on his/her card.

  • Square – The winner of this game will have marked out all the outer squares on the card.
  • X Marks the Spot – The winner will have marked out both diagonals (making an “X” on the card)
  • Blackout – The winner marks out ALL squares on their card

Bible Bingo Games

While how you play the game is pretty standard, there are a lot of different themes for Bible Bingo games. Remember, the goal is to help them learn biblical concepts, characters, stories, and verses.

You can find ones that are already put together and ready to play. Or you can download the printable Bible bingo cards at home.

Bible Bingo for Toddlers

When playing Bible Bingo with toddlers, you’ll want to find a game that uses pictures instead of words (since toddlers can’t yet read). Also, be mindful of what you give them to mark off their squares. Coins might not be the best option since some toddlers still like to put things in their mouth!

Bible Bingo for Older Kids

With older kids who can read, you can find even more Bible Bingo game themes for them to use. Many of these themes focus on things like books of the Bible, Bible characters, and Bible stories.

Fruits of the Spirit Bible Bingo Mockup

Gods Love Bible Bingo mockup

Holiday-Themed Bible Bingo

In addition to those mentioned above, you can also find some fun games that have more of a holiday theme – while still keeping to the biblical concepts.

Learning the Bible can sometimes feel like an arduous task but not when playing Bible Bingo! With this game, you’re learning about scripture while also having some fun. The best part about this game is that it’s easy to play, even if you don’t know much about the Bible.

Since there are so many themes, you can play this game over and over and never get bored with it – but will continue to learn Biblical concepts.

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