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Prayer Journal Printables and Templates

Keeping a prayer journal is a great way to stay connected with God. It’s also a wonderful way to document your prayers and the things you are grateful for on any given day. But with so much to pray about and so many people to pray for, you can easily forget something or someone.

That’s why I am excited to share these prayer journal printables with you! With these printables, you can easily keep track of all the people you need to pray for, what they are going through, and how long it’s been since you last prayed for them (or about something). This is a great tool for anyone who needs help organizing their prayer life!

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What is a Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is simply a journal to record and keep track of your prayers. Keeping a prayer journal is an excellent way to stay connected with God and record prayers that are answered as well as those which remain unanswered. When you can look back over the past year and see how the prayers your prayed months ago have been fulfilled, it helps you to see God’s faithfulness in yourlife!

A prayer journal can be used for more than just recording your own personal thoughts, it’s also a perfect place to keep track of what you pray for others in need.

A prayer journal can be anything from simply writing down prayers in a notebook or printing out some Bible verses and taping them to the wall for inspiration. However, one way that many Christians find helpful is by using prayer journal printables!

Printable Prayer Journals

While some people prefer to just buy a ready-made journal, printable prayer journals are great because they are so customizable. As a bonus, printable prayer journal templates can be printed in bulk and stored for later use!

Best of all, there is no need to spend your time searching for the perfect paper or layout because we’ve done that work already. All you have to do is find a printable prayer journal that suits your needs and start tracking your prayers.

Printable Prayer Points for Today Prayer Journal mockup

Ashley from Undoubted Grace has a nice selection of Printable prayer journals that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Types of Prayer Journal Printables

What should be included in a prayer journal? Since prayer is simply a conversation between you and God, it helps to have everything you want to talk to Him about organized to you don’t forget anything! These printable inserts are made just for that purpose! To help you organize every aspect of your prayer time.

Each person may include some a different variety of printable inserts for their prayer journal, but some of the more common things include:

While some people prefer to just buy a ready-made journal, printable prayer journals are great because they are so customizable. As a bonus, prayer journal printables can be printed in bulk and stored for later use!

Best of all, there is no need to spend your time searching for the perfect paper or layout because you can simply find the design you like and just print it!

Printable Prayer Journal Covers

Who doesn’t love a pretty cover? Printable prayer journal covers come in a variety of colors and designs so you are sure to find one that you like! Printable Prayer Journal Covers can be downloaded online for free or ordered directly through an online retailer such as Amazon or Etsy!

If you’d like to design your own cover, Canva has some really great starter templates that you can customize to your own colors and designs, then print out at home.

Printable Prayer Journal Templates

Prayer journal templates are the best because all you have to do is fill it in! While some people enjoy drawing out the sections and lines, others want something already put together so they can spend more time actually journaling their prayers.

There are so many template designs and styles, including templates with different types of pages included in them. And the best part is that these templates are more like prayer journal printable bundles which include all the different types of pages – instead of finding them individually.

Kingdom Bloggers has a really great Give it to God Prayer Journal Template Bundle that includes various journal pages as well as some additional goodies.

More Prayer Journal Printables

In addition to the templates and bundles listed above, here are some additional prayer journal printables you might want to include in yours.

The words Ultimate List of Prayer Journal Printables and Templates written on a white overlay with a floral background

Create and Sell Your Own Printable Prayer Journals

If you’ve been considering creating and selling your own digital products such as printable prayer journals, be sure to check out my editable Canva templates!

I created several designs that can be easily edited or customized for you to use as you create your own prayer journals to sell on Etsy or other marketplace platforms.

editable prayer journal templates Etsy shop mockup

All of the journal pages are fully editable and customizable so you can make your prayer journal look exactly like you want it to!

Prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do as believers. Not only does prayer help us to grow closer to God, but it also has been shown time and again to have a positive impact on our physical health.

So whether you’re looking for a way to organize your prayer life or just trying to be more disciplined about spending time talking with Jesus every day, why not try using one of these printables? They will help you stay more organized but will also give you something to reflect back upon in the future as you see these prayers being answered!

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