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Printable Religious Easter Bingo

Are you ready to add a festive twist to your Easter celebration?

Look no further than Free Religious Easter Bingo Cards—an entertaining and engaging activity for all ages!

Transform your gathering into a lively event with this classic game, sprinkled with images that represent the true meaning of Easter!

No Easter bunnies, jelly beans, or Easter baskets included in these cards! 

One of the best aspects of Free religious Easter Bingo is the ease of access.

These bingo boards are available for personal use and come with a delightful array of images from the Easter story. 

You can simply print them out for a hassle-free setup, making it a great way to entertain your guests, especially young children.

relgious easter bingo mockup

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Religious Easter Bingo

Playing religious Easter bingo is a great way to combine the joy of the Easter holiday with spiritual elements.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play religious Easter bingo:

Materials Needed

  1. Religious Easter bingo cards
  2. Bingo markers (small candies, buttons coins, or any other small objects). You can also get markers from places like Amazon. 
  3. Caller’s sheet
  4. Participants


  1. Prepare Bingo Cards:

Download the free religious Easter bingo cards and print them out.

We recommend that you print on card stock to create a more durable Bingo card. If you plan to reuse them, you could even laminate them!

 If you only have a small amount of people participating the freebie will be adequate.

For Sunday School teachers you could even distribute duplicate cards and have multiple winners.

Distribute the bingo cards and markers to each participant. Explain the rules and let them know about any specific religious themes in the cards.

  1. Explain the Rules:

Provide a brief overview of the rules. The basic premise is similar to traditional bingo.

Participants mark off the called items on their cards, and the first person to complete a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) shouts “Bingo!” and wins the round.

  1. Caller’s Role:

Designate a caller or take turns being the caller. The caller uses the prepared calling cards sheet.

Instead of calling out numbers, they will call out the Easter-themed items.

  1. Start the Game:

Begin the game by having the caller randomly select items from the call sheet and announce them to the participants.

For example, the caller might say, “Empty Tomb” or “Cross.”

  1. Marking the Cards:

Participants mark off the called items on their bingo cards using their markers.

There is a free space in each of the unique cards, which young children will love.

Encourage players to reflect on the significance of each item as they mark it. 

  1. Winning the Game:

The first person to complete a line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) on their bingo card shouts “Bingo!” and is the winner of that round.

  1. Continue or Start a New Round:

You can play multiple rounds or until everyone has had a chance to win.

To add variety, consider changing the winning conditions for each round, such as requiring players to complete different patterns on their cards.

  1. Discussion and Reflection:

After the game, you can take a moment to discuss the significance of the Easter story and the symbolism on the bingo cards.

This can be a meaningful way to connect the game to the religious aspect of Easter.

You can

Religious Easter Bingo Card
Download the free printable Easter Bingo cards here! 

Calling Card Elements

So what exactly makes this a religious Bingo?

The visual elements are what sets is apart. Here are a list of the graphics on the call sheet!

The visual graphics include elements from Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and a small portion from Jesus’ ministry on earth. 

  • Woman grieving
  • Cross Shadows 
  • Roman Soldier 
  • 30 Pieces of Silver 
  • Palm Branch
  • Last Supper 
  • Hosanna! 
  • Closed Tomb 
  • Angel
  • Empty Cross 
  • Jesus on the Cross 
  • Peter’s Rooster
  • Jesus 
  • Judas and Jesus
  • Loaves and Fish
  • Water into Wine
  • Walking on Water 
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Crucifixtion
  • Simon of Cyrene 
  • Pontius Pilate
  • Jesus and the Crown of Thornes
  • Empty Tomb
  • Palm Sunday
religious easter bingo cards mockup
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More Christian Easter Bingo Games

There are plenty more creative ideas for religious Easter Bingo cards.

Here are some others that are available for free or at a small price! 

Playing religious Easter bingo is so much fun and adds a spiritual dimension to the Easter celebration.

You could play this game on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, or anytime during the Easter season!  

It’s a great Easter activity and a fun Easter game.

You could even put the Bingo boards in your children’s Easter basket and then play the game before Easter dinner!  The options are endless.

This free printable game makes a perfect addition to your Easter celebration! Let us know how you use it! 

Be sure to also check out these free printable Christian Easter coloring pages.

Free Printable Christian Easter Bingo

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