Free Printable Christian Halloween Coloring Pages

The Best Christian Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween provides a wonderful opportunity to reach children with the message of God’s love! I mean, seriously! What other night of the year do all the neighborhood kids literally come to your doorstep?

These free printable Christian Halloween coloring pages can be added to goodie bags and give out to every child that comes to your door! You can also include them in goodie bags for your church’s truck-or-treat festivities. Either way, what better way to introduce a child to God who may never have heard of Him?

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Christian Halloween Coloring Pages

It is no secret that children love to color! Halloween coloring books make a great addition to parties as well as to give trick-or-treaters.

These Christian Halloween coloring pages are the perfect way to view this holiday through the eyes of Jesus! They are also the perfect way to help shine His light with all the neighborhood kids on this festive night!

Christian Halloween Coloring Pages About Fear

I’ve created several No Fear Christian Halloween coloring pages which are perfect for any child who might be fearful of some of the different costumes or scary decorations they may encounter while trick-or-treating.

Instead of being fearful, these coloring pages can help them to reflect on the fact that they have nothing to be scared of when they have Jesus on their side!

Christian Halloween Coloring Pages About Shining God’s Light

Halloween is the perfect holiday for teaching kids the importance of shining God’s light for everyone to see. You can talk to your child about how their words and how they treat others should always reflect Jesus’ loving manner.

These coloring pages will help!

Christian Halloween Coloring Book

I created this super-cute Christian Halloween coloring book to help kids see how carving a pumpkin on Halloween is similar to the way God puts His light in us to shine bright for others. (This is a play on the popular “Pumpkin Prayer” activity, but as a coloring book).

I would argue that Halloween is probably the biggest opportunity Christians have to share the gospel with others – especially with young kids! On this one night of the year, you have the ability to introduce so many kids to Jesus by simply joining in the festivities!

I hope you enjoy these religious-themed Halloween coloring pages! Use them in goodie bags for trick-or-treaters or festivals. Or simply print them out for your own kids to enjoy with their friends!

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