Printable Christian Valentine Coloring Pages

Are you looking for some fun and festive Christian Valentine coloring pages to help you meditate on God’s Word and what love really means?

While Valentine’s Day is not a Christian holiday, it is a holiday that celebrates love. And we know that God is all about love!

In our free coloring pages, you will find coloring pages for older kids and younger kids that celebrate the love of God and the greatest example of love that this world has ever seen: Jesus. 

Christian Valentine’s Day coloring pages beautifully capture the essence of god’s love through artistic expressions.

These heartwarming pages seek to convey the profound messages of love found in god’s word.

As families and communities come together to celebrate Valentine’s Day, these coloring pages serve as a delightful way to incorporate spiritual reflections.

Infused with Valentine’s Day Bible verses, these creative designs encourage individuals to meditate on passages that emphasize the depth and breadth of god’s love.

What adds to the joy is that these Christian Valentine’s Day coloring pages are available as free printables, making them accessible to all who seek to embrace the sentiments of love and compassion during this special occasion.

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Christian Valentine Coloring Pages

These Christian Valentine coloring pages make the perfect addition to your Bible study time this month.

Why? Because God is all things love and that is what Valentine’s Day celebrates! So, why not focus on the person who literally created the reason for this holiday?

You can use them to supplement your regular Bible study lessons, share them with your Bible study group members, give as gifts (with candy, of course), or just use them for an “anytime” time filler!

Some of these have cute Christian Valentine’s messages.

Others have some of the most popular Valentine’s day bible verses about God’s love.

christian valentine coloring page

You can download the full coloring book for free down below!

All are saturated with images depicting the love of Jesus Christ with cute hearts, teddy bears, flowers and other elements. 

Christian Valentine Coloring Pages for Adults mockup
Download the full Coloring Book in PDF

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Ideas for Use

These pages are a fun way to celebrate the love of Christ during the season of love.

There are endless ways that you could use these coloring pages. Here are a few creative ideas. 

  • Use them in your Sunday School classes as a simple way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 
  • Print them out and use them during wedding ceremonies. This is a great way for kids to recognize what real love looks like! 
  • Create a sweet gift for a relative or mom and dad from a child. Have them color the page and then add their own personal message to the back of the page. 
  • Need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your kids? These free Valentine’s Day coloring pages are perfect to stick in a Valentine’s Day kid’s basket or gift. Just add some new coloring crayons or markers and your kids will be thrilled! 
  • These are great for classroom use in any school setting. 
  • Print them out and then laminate them for reuse year after year with dry-erase markers. This idea is specifically great for classroom use. Kids of all ages will love these free printable coloring pages! 

For any of these ideas, make sure your printer settings are at the highest quality to avoid any malfunctions with printing.

If you print them off for simple coloring, I recommend plain paper.

However, if you choose to use these as a card or gift for family members or want to try my laminating trick, I recommend printing on thicker card stock.

These could also be a subtle but perfect opportunity to expose unbelievers to the good news of God’s love in our lives.

Host a kids coloring Valentine’s Day party and have these pages available! Your kids will love it and it’s the perfect way to use these beautiful coloring pages. 

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Pages

What better way to help your kids stay focused on God on this secular holiday than to use verses of Scripture and cute messages that have scriptural references?

These Christian Valentine coloring pages can be used at home or in groups.

You can also give them in Valentine’s goodie bags to classmates and friends!

Christian Valentine coloring pages for kids mockup
Download the entire coloring book as a pdf

It is so important to keep God front and center during the different holidays throughout the year.

Kids of all ages will absolutely love and enjoy coloring these fun and festive coloring pages on Valentine’s Day! 

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page
Jesus Loves Me Beary Much Coloring Page
Jesus is my Valentine Coloring Page
Jesus is My Beary Special Valentine Coloring Page
Jesus Holds the Key to My Heart Coloring Page
Jesus Bee Mine Coloring Page

Valentine’s Day brings so many different kinds of activities to help you celebrate your love for another person.

Instead of just making it about love (in general), it is important to make the focus on God because He is love!

These Christian Valentine coloring pages celebrate God’s love for us and helps us to understand just how important it is that we embrace and love others.

I hope you enjoy and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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