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Free Bible Periodic Table Printable

A Bible periodic table is a great way to memorize all of the books of the Bible. It makes the perfect Bible reference tool to have handy for kids and adults.  

This fun Bible study tool uses the periodic table of the elements as a template for listing each book in the Bible. How fun is that?

The coloring coding helps students to remember which books are a part of which category, as well as other important information to remember.

Below are several resources for finding free printable Bible periodic tables to use in your homeschool curriculum or for personal study. 

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Periodic Table of the Bible

The Bible periodic table is similar to the periodic table of elements in design. There are color-coded columns and rows – each representing various books of the Bible.

If you aren’t a science nerd, don’t worry! This periodic table doesn’t represent chemical elements!

Instead of properties such as alkalinity and such, they are organized by Old Testament and New Testament, as well as the different organizational categories.

As for what information you put in the different element blocks, you can go very detailed (for older kids and adults) or keep it simple (for younger kids).

Each category would equate to an element group and all the books in that particular category would be the same color on the chart. 

Ideally, you would have Old Testament books on the left and New Testament books on the right. 

For the element symbols, you can use an abbreviation of the actual book name. This makes it look similar to the scientific periodic table which also has abbreviations.

You can also add in things like the date written and the author of the book. These can easily be added where the regular periodic table has the atomic number, atomic weight, and/or electron configuration.

Download your free Printable Bible Periodic Table below!

These printable Books of the Bible periodic tables are perfect for homeschool curriculum as well as for Sunday school.

They make memorizing all of the books of the Bible much more fun and engaging!

​You can download this free printable Books of the Bible periodic table to use and share with others.

But mine isn’t the only design! You can find many other styles – simple and detailed – by visiting the following:

 Studying and memorizing the Bible should be fun and engaging! Fortunately, there are lots of great Bible study resources available online that you can keep handy to keep your study routine from going stagnant.

Find more creative, fun, and engaging Bible study tools below:

​You get the most out of your Bible study time when you can stay engaged and actually remember what you are reading/learning. When you can relate it to something you might already be familiar with, it often makes learning and remembering the verses much easier.

All of these were created to help you get more engaged with learning and understanding God’s Word. So what are you waiting for?! 

Free Printable Bible Periodic Table

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