Free Christmas Kindness Printables mockup

Free Christmas Kindness Printables

Looking for some fun and festive Christmas Kindness printables to help your kids cultivate a heart of kindness and service to others this holiday season?

What better way to shine the light of Jesus this holiday season than with random acts of Christmas kindness! This is truly the best way to help us always remember the true meaning of the Christmas holiday season.

What exactly is Christmas kindness?

Simply put, it is the act of going out of our way to show kindness to others in a variety of ways throughout the holiday season (the month of December).

Yes, as Christians, we should be kind to others all 365 days of the year, but during the month of December, we can take it up a notch as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of the birth of our Saviour.

Christmas kindness is the best way to spread holiday cheer to others and is the best way for others to see Jesus through our actions.

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How Do You Show Kindness at Christmas

How exactly do you show kindness to others during the Christmas season? Of course, being kind should be something we teach our kids to do year-round, during the holiday season, we really want our kids to shine God’s light even brighter!

There are so many meaningful ways that we can encourage a spirit of kindness and bring much joy to those who may be struggling during the holiday season.

Random acts of kindness are the perfect way to lift their spirits and give them just a little bit of joy during what can be a difficult time for some. 

Christmas kindness ideas include things like:

  • donating a favorite toy to charity
  • delivery a meal to a neighbor
  • helping a parent with house chores
  • leaving a thoughtful note for someone
  • visiting a homeless shelter and handing out candy canes
  • helping an elderly neighbor with yard work
  • donating pet supplies to an animal shelter
  • donating canned goods to a local food bank
  • delivering hot coffee to police offers on foot patrol

Of course, these are just a few ideas random kind acts you can do during the holiday season (or throughout the year)! During the Christmas season, there are so many ways for our children to develop a heart of kindness and service to others!

​Why Do Random Acts of Kindess at Christmas?

Engaging in random acts of kindness during the Christmas season can bring joy and happiness to both the giver and the receiver. The simple act of giving without expecting anything in return can uplift spirits and create a positive atmosphere. 

Receiving an unexpected act of kindness can lead to feelings of gratitude. Such experiences can prompt individuals to reflect on their blessings and inspire them to pay it forward, perpetuating a cycle of kindness.

The holiday season can be a difficult time for those who are alone or struggling. A random act of kindness can make a significant difference in brightening their day and reminding them that they are not forgotten.

Christmas can be a stressful time for many, with the pressure of gift-giving and holiday preparations.

Engaging in random acts of kindness can shift the focus from material aspects to the joy of giving, easing the burden of stress.

Acts of kindness have been shown to boost one’s own sense of well-being and happiness. Engaging in selfless acts during the Christmas season can contribute to a positive mindset because Christmas cheer is contagious! 

Random acts of Christmas kindness can have a lasting impact on the community and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Christmas Acts of Kindness Printables

If you are like me – a super busy mom – you don’t have time to create fancy games and stuff for your kids. You leave that to the experts and find printables that you can just print out at home and let your kids get to work on them!

Fortunately, there are some super-crafty moms out there who specialize in creating these random act of kindness printables!

Below you will find a wide variety of Christmas Acts of Kindness printables to help encourage a spirit of kindness in your children this year and turning them all into little kindness elves! 

Christmas Kindness Calendars

Christmas kindness calendars are great because they provide a specific act or task that your child can do each day during the month of December.

Some of them are more like a countdown to Christmas with an act of kindness for all 25 days leading up the Christmas. Others have an act of kindness to share for all 30 days of this month.

These are all great ideas and a great way to pass on the spirit of kindess during the holiday season.

They are great for the kids but can also be something the whole family participates in. Even small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on somone else’s day or life! 

Christmas Kindness Calendar
Download our free printable Christmas Kindness Countdown Calendar!

Here are just a few places to find some more festive and fun kindness calendars for the Christmas season:

Printable Christmas Kindness Cards

Christmas kindness cards are printable cards that have specific kindness tasks/acts for your child to perform. They can be printed out and put in a bowl or stacked like a deck of cards.

Each day, have your child draw a new card and set out to accomplish that particular act of Christmas kindness!

Wonder Mom Wannabe also has some really cute printable Christmas Kindness cards that you can use.

Another type of Christmas kindness card is more like a note to the person you are showing kindness to. Instead of being a directive for the child to do something, these cards are left with the person to let them know someone cares (and hopefully brighten their day!).

Christmas Kindness Cards
Download these 24 printable Christmas Kindness Cards

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Printables

Who doesn’t love a random act of Christmas kindness? These RAOK printables provide a variety of acts of kindness for children to offer to others and include a variety of ways to do it.

Most of them are for personal use only but you can use them as a guide to make your own if you want to use them commercially or share them with others. 

Christmas Kindness Activities

Christmas kindness activities are a wonderful way to turn regular activities and games such as Bingo (that kids already enjoy) into one that encourages them to develop a spirit of kindness to others.

Be sure to also check out this list of 24 Christmas kindness activities for kids for some more creative and fun ways to encourage your kids to be kind to others this holiday season and beyond.

The value of random acts of Christmas kindness extends beyond material gifts.

These acts have the power to spread joy, foster a sense of community, encourage gratitude, alleviate loneliness, and create a more empathetic and caring society.

By embracing the spirit of giving, individuals can experience the true essence of the holiday season and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

They can also bring an entire family closer together by creating shared experiences, fostering empathy and compassion, teaching important values, and encouraging cooperation and communication.

It reinforces the idea of family as a supportive unit that cares not only for its members but also for the broader community, making the holiday season more meaningful and fulfilling for everyone involved.

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