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Moses and the Burning Bush Coloring Pages

Enhance your Sunday School lessons, Bible lessons, or homeschool lessons, with our downloadable Moses and the Burning Bush coloring pages!

These coloring sheets are a great way to engage children of all ages in a fun activity that reinforces the story of Moses in Exodus 3.

The story of Moses and the Burning Bush is a captivating tale that teaches kids about the Angel of the Lord, the Children of Israel, the Flames of Fire, and the Holy Ground where Moses encountered God. 

Whether you teach younger or older kids, these coloring pages will be a valuable addition to your Bible lessons!

mockup of moses and the burning bush coloring pages

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Moses and the Burning Bush Coloring Pages

So what is the deal with the burning bush? If you’ve never read the story before, here is a brief summary from Exodus 3:

Moses was tending to his flock in the wilderness when he noticed a bush that was burning but not consumed by the fire.

As he turned to investigate the mysterious flames of fire, he heard the voice of God calling him from within the burning bush. It was the God of Abraham and he was talking to Moses! Moses was on holy ground.

Moses and the Burning Bush coloring page

God commanded Moses to lead God’s people (the Israelites) out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Moses was initially hesitant and doubted his abilities.

That’s when the story gets intense! You’ll have to read it for yourself in Exodus 3, but eventually Moses comes around and follows God’s plan. 

The story illustrates how God can intervene and communicate with His people in extraordinary ways. The burning bush symbolizes the presence of God and His power, as well as the call to obedience and trust.

Moses and the Burning Bush coloring page
Download Moses and the Burning Bush coloring pages pdf

A great application for today is the significance of taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones when following God’s purpose for our lives.

Coloring pages are wonderful tools to engage children in storytelling and learning. They offer a hands-on and interactive experience that helps children retain information while having fun.

Below are some additional coloring pages for illustrating Moses and the burning bush to use in your lessons. 

Incorporating coloring pages into your Bible stories is a fantastic way to enhance children’s experience with the story.

Not only do they offer a fun and creative way for children to engage with the biblical story of Moses and the Burning Bush, but they also provide a visual representation that can aid in comprehension and retention.

So why not take the opportunity to bring Bible lesson to life? Download these coloring pages today!

Your creativity and dedication to providing a dynamic learning environment will surely make a lasting impact on their spiritual growth.

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