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10+ Free Noah’s Ark Activity Worksheets

Look for some free and (not free but really great) Noah’s Ark activity sheets to help your child learn about this important Bible story?

The story of Noah’s Ark is probably the best-known stories in the Bible. It is a timeless tale of faith, obedience, and survival, and it teaches children about God’s promise to moses.

The beloved story of faithful Noah teaches children the power and importance of doing what God asks – even when it makes no sense and everyone else makes fun of you.

 As parents, educators, and caregivers, we strive to find engaging and effective ways to introduce our children to these profound stories from the Bible. One such tool that has proven to be both entertaining and educational is the use of Noah’s Ark worksheets. 

Sunday school teachers can create engaging and meaningful lesson plans by incorporating a variety of Noah’s Ark activities that cater to different learning styles and age groups.

These activities can be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, enriching the children’s understanding of the biblical story while making the learning experience enjoyable. 

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Noah’s Ark Activity Sheets

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn when the process is enjoyable. Noah’s Ark activity sheets transform the story into interactive puzzles, coloring pages, and games that captivate young minds while also teaching the points of this great lesson.

These worksheets provide a wonderful balance between play and learning, making the biblical narrative come alive through the eyes of a child’s imagination.

Noah’s Ark activity sheets are educational materials designed for children to engage with and learn about the biblical story of Noah’s Ark in an interactive and enjoyable way.

These activity sheets typically include a variety of tasks, puzzles, and exercises related to the story. They can be used in schools, as a Sunday school lesson, or as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Or they can simply be added to your child’s play area as a fun activity to do during playtime.  

Activity sheets go beyond mere entertainment; they also serve as valuable tools to assess comprehension. By incorporating questions, puzzles, and sequencing tasks, children are encouraged to recall important details and develop critical thinking skills.

These activities enhance their understanding of the narrative, ensuring they grasp the key events and messages.

Noah’s Ark worksheets often feature creative tasks, such as writing prompts and crafts, which stimulate children’s imaginations.

These exercises encourage them to express their thoughts, retell the story in their own words, or envision the journey of the animals in the ark. Through creativity, children can forge a personal connection with the story, leaving a lasting impact on their spiritual development.

The story of Noah’s Ark offers valuable moral lessons on faith, obedience, and compassion. Activity sheets provide an excellent platform to highlight these virtues and discuss their significance with children.

As they engage with the story through various tasks, children can grasp the ethical implications and learn to apply these values in their daily lives.

Noah’s Ark Activity Bundles

If you are just looking for a single activity sheet to print out, you can find a variety of different ones on the sites listed below. 

Or, you can get a bundle that includes a wide variety of different activites.

Here are a couple of places to find activity bundles with lots of different activities and games for learning about this story.

45+ Page Noah’s Ark Activity Bundle

This Bible lesson bundle includes over 45 pages of activities for your preschoolers and elementary-aged kids that beautifully reflect the story of Noah in Genesis! Includes: Coloring pages with Bible verses, Fun Mazes – 6 options, 6 Word searches with answer, 20 BINGO sheets with calling cards included! Great for classroom settings. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Noah's Ark Pack
Noah's Ark Bundle

Noah’s Ark Printable Activity Pack

Includes: 4 ~ I Spy sheets 8 ~ 9-piece puzzles 7 ~ pages of mazes 25 ~ page coloring book 5 ~ Spot the difference picture sets Memory Game cards Tell a story/sequence cards Bingo with 14 different playing cards. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Noah’s Ark Activity Coloring Pages

Children are naturally drawn to colors and visuals. Coloring pages featuring the ark picture, animal pictures, and characters from the story captivate their attention, sparking curiosity and interest in the story.

These coloring pages are powerful educational tools that effectively engage children in the story. Through coloring, children connect emotionally with the characters, reinforce their comprehension of the story, and develop essential skills.

noahs ark coloring page

By embracing these activity pages, parents and educators can make learning about Noah’s Ark an enjoyable and enriching experience for children, allowing them to sail through this biblical tale with excitement and wonder.

You can find a variety of Noah’s Ark coloring pages to download for free (or for a small fee) below:

​Noah’s Ark Activity Puzzles

Noah’s Ark puzzles are invaluable tools for young kids to learn about this Bible story. They promote cognitive development, improve fine motor skills, and enhance problem-solving abilities.

Through visual representation and hands-on engagement, puzzles help children immerse themselves in the story, reinforcing memory retention and understanding of the story’s sequence.

Overall, a Noah’s Ark puzzle creates an interactive and enjoyable learning experience that deepens children’s connection to this timeless biblical tale.

Noahs Ark Bible Bingo

Noahs’ Ark Bible Bingo Game

15 Unique bingo cards, 24 calling cards, and directions to play 3 different games with this set.


Noah’s Ark Activity Maze

Noah’s Ark mazes serve as valuable additions to Bible story activity packs by infusing fun, engagement, and interactive learning into the educational experience.

Through these mazes, children develop critical thinking skills, reinforce their understanding of the story, and cultivate moral values.

As part of activity packs, they enrich children’s exploration of the story of Noah’s Ark, leaving a lasting impact on their spiritual and cognitive development.

​Noah’s Ark Craft Activities

In addition to printable worksheets, there are also some really fun and engaging craft activities for younger children as well as older children to engage with.

Here are just a few that you might want to check out:

The story of Noah’s Ark teaches children several valuable lessons that are relevant to their moral and spiritual development. Here are some of the key lessons:

  1. Obedience to God: The story highlights the importance of obedience to God’s commands. Noah’s unwavering faith and obedience in building the ark, despite being made fun of, serves as an example of trust in God’s plan for our life.
  2. Faith and Trust: Noah’s trust in God’s promise to protect him and the animals during the flood illustrates the significance of having faith and believing in something greater than ourselves.
  3. Responsibility and Diligence: Building the ark was an enormous task that required dedication and hard work. The story teaches children the value of taking responsibility for their actions and tasks, working diligently, and persevering through challenges.
  4. Compassion for All Living Beings: Noah’s Ark demonstrates compassion for animals and the preservation of life. Children learn the importance of caring for and protecting the environment and all living creatures.
  5. Consequences of Actions: The flood serves as a reminder that actions have consequences. Children learn that their choices and behavior can have far-reaching effects on themselves and others.
  6. God’s Covenant: The rainbow at the end of the story symbolizes God’s covenant with humanity never to destroy the world with a flood again. Children learn about God’s promises and the significance of symbols in religious traditions.
  7. Hope and New Beginnings: After the flood, Noah and his family begin a new life, offering a message of hope and new beginnings. Children learn that even in difficult times, there is the potential for renewal and positive change.
  8. Unity and Family: The story emphasizes the importance of family and unity. Noah’s family worked together to survive and thrive during the challenging journey on the ark, highlighting the strength of familial bonds.
  9. God’s Love and Protection: Children learn that God loves and protects those who remain faithful and righteous. The story emphasizes God’s care for His creation.
  10. Cultural and Historical Values: Noah’s Ark is a significant cultural and historical story that has been passed down through generations. By learning this story, children connect to their religious heritage and appreciate the wisdom of ancient teachings.

Overall, activity worksheets can be powerful educational tools for introducing and reinforcing the story of Noah’s Ark to children, enabling them to connect with the story, learn important values, and have a memorable learning experience.


The story of Noah’s Ark teaches children several valuable lessons that are relevant to their moral and spiritual development.

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